MEMORY VERSE:“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me. it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6.


BIBLE PASSAGE: Mark 10:13-16.


INTRODUCTION: According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a child is “a young person. Child abuse is when a child is intentionally harmed by an adult or another child – it can be over a time frame or can also be a one-off action. It can be physical, mental, sexual, or emotional and it can happen in person or online. It can also be a lack of love, care, and attention this is neglect. The Bible tells us that whosoever harms a child is asking for God’s anger Mark 9:42.









 Children are precious to God and must be well taken care of Ps. 127:3. Basically, child abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional.


PHYSICAL ABUSE: Can be causing physical harm to a child as an act of discipline or chastisement, throwing objects, poisoning. child exploitation (trafficking, child enforced labour), neglecting to give the child necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter, education, health care, etc. It also includes use of drugs, alcohol or any substance that will cause the child distress 1 Kgs. 3:19, 25-26.


SEXUAL ABUSE: This is when any person engages a child any sexual activity such as fondling a child’s sexual organs engaging the child in any immoral activity such as pornography rape, defilement of the child, etc. 2 Sam. 13:10-15. 


EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE: Includes teasing,bullying, threatening, verbal abuse (such as cursing, belittling,constantly finding fault), etc. Col. 3:21.



These are some of the signs that a child is being abused:


a) unexplained changes in behaviour or personality b) becoming withdrawn


c) seeming anxious


d) becoming uncharacteristically aggressive e) lacks social skills and has few friends, if any/low self esteem


f) poor bond or relationship with a parent


g) knowledge of adult issues inappropriate for their age h) running away or going missing


i) always choosing to wear clothes which cover their body


i) Sleeping difficulties 


k) unexplained bruises, burns or swellings,


l) lack of concentration


m) Inclination to do bad things


Child abuse most certainly will influence the child’s health education, and relationships.


Prevention of child abuse can be achieved by:

1. Government parenting skills.

  1. Improved quality of childcare. 
  2. Break the silence, call it out immediately, report any abuse.
  3. Early and quick involvement of Social Services
  4. 5. Improved quality of childcare
  5. Train a child in a godly way Prov. 22:6.
  6. When a child does something wrong the child should be corrected in love and not by severe punishment.
  7.  Parents should always pray over their children daily.




Child abuse is one of the shames of our society and it should be stopped at all costs. Our children are our future, and they should be cherished and loved, to produce well balanced adults of tomorrow that we will be proud of.


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