OHCCL Church Discipleship

At OHCCL Church we are seeking to fulfill Jesus’ great commission in making disciples of all nations. It is our goal to see every member come into a true relationship with Christ and from there, continue to mature in their walk with God. Discipleship takes place through our cell groups and other various courses on offer that are designed to give believers a strong foundation in God’s Word.

Foundation Classes

Our Foundation Classes are designed for new believers and new members joining the church. The six week classes cover ‘The New Birth’, ‘The Basics of Prayer’, ‘The Basics of Faith’, ‘Introducing the Holy Spirit’, ‘The Basics of Deliverance’ and ‘What is Church?’ The free classes are currently held on Sunday mornings.

Baptismal Classes

For those interested in being water baptised, we run two short preparation sessions which look at the purpose of water baptism.

Workers Class

Our Workers class are designed for those members who are committed to join the work force and be disciple to be formed like Christ.

Sunday School

This has been designed for believers who want to be trained and equipped to serve God to their full potential, enabling them to fulfill their destiny. The aim is to raise a generation of leaders that carry the same authority, vision, character and God connection that enabled people like David, Joseph and Esther to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

As students work through the modules they will gain a thorough understanding of the Biblical principles that they need to apply to daily living in order to achieve their full potential. Amongst these teachings, students will learn how it is essential to cultivate intimacy with God in order for them to embrace His will for their lives and tap into His enabling grace. Ultimately students will discover the deep sense of fulfillment that comes from walking in God’s will for their lives. Christ.