Sunday School Lesson 16

Forbidden Blood Covenants

MEMORY VERSE: “Moreover ye shall eat no manner of blood, whether it be of fowl or of beast, in any of your dwellings.” – Leviticus 7:26

BIBLE PASSAGE:Hebrews 9:14-22

INTRODUCTION: Having understood that life resides in the blood with biblical evidences (Lev.17:11) and that every spiritual covenant is sealed with the blood (Heb.9:18). Also, it should be noted that the blood of animals shed in the Old Testament could not cleanse the sins of man once and for all whereas the blood of Jesus shed as a covenant of redemption carries so much power to save man eternally. Covenants have the power of gathering, protecting and blessing people in all circumstances of life. On the other hand, any wrong use of the principle of covenant can bring about grave consequences. In this lesson, we shall attempt to discuss the instances of wrong approaches to blood covenant, the consequences and the way out.


  1. Wrong Approaches To Blood Covenant
  2. Consequences Of Unholy Blood Covenants


The blood connects the physical and the spiritual world as well as the temporal and eternal world. Blood covenant is usually made when the blood of two individuals mingle. It could be done by cutting the palms of the individuals and then the shaking of hands to combine the blood. It could also be that a few drops of blood from each person is mingled in a glass of wine and then drunk by both. In either case, the blood is mixed, thus indicating that two lives were mixed. Incision (piercing or cutting of the body for ritual, protection or religious purposes) is another way of initiating an individual into a blood covenant with demons (1 Kings.18:28). Sometimes, an animal’s blood could be shed as representative of both individuals mingling their lives together. After all, “the life is in the blood. (Lev.17:11). Regardless of the form it takes, the Bible forbids the mixing or drinking of blood (Lev.7:26), cutting of the skin and incisions which leave permanent scars as a reminder of the covenant from that time on. The Satanic realm fully understands the power of the blood covenant and this is why as soon as a person starts to progress in the satanic order, he is introduced to blood oaths which become progressively harsher and more prescriptive.

Hence, anyone involved in ungodly soul ties as “lovers”, illicit sexual relationships, occult blood sacrifices, suicides, homicides, abortion, etc., enters into a deal with Satan. In this manner, people unite with demons either consciously or unconsciously (Gen.4:8-12). Every believer should avoid this kind of blood covenant at all cost.


Blood covenant among humans is scripturally forbidden. The Bible admonishes that our ‘yes’ should be ‘yes’ and our ‘no’ should be ‘no’ (Matt.5:34-37). If swearing is unscriptural (James 5:12), entering into a blood covenant is evil and can open doorways to demonic afflictions. It can also truncate the destiny of those involved and their descendants (2Sam.12:10-12).

Sexual intercourse also constitutes a blood covenant. Since marriage is a life-long covenant, those who are yet to marry must prayerfully choose who to marry (1Cor.6:16; 2Cor.6:14). This sharing of blood creates a special spiritual connection between souls. Blood diseases can also be sexually transmitted from one partner to the other. Sexual intercourse among the unmarried is a terrible sin (1Cor. 6:18). Generational curses can be transmitted through this blood covenant (2 Sam.12:10-11). In addition, the satanic realm is quick to exact the death penalty on their blood covenant victims (John 10:10). Such sudden death could be painted as accidents, heart attack, unclassified sicknesses, etc (2 Cor. 2:11).

There are many people that have entangled themselves through blood covenants. If you are one of them, the consequences may be deadly except you confess, renounce and cry unto God for total deliverance (John 8:32; Isa.49:24-26).

CONCLUSION: Avoid entering into any form of illicit blood covenant with anyone. It is evil.


  1. What are the wrong approaches to blood covenant?
  2. What are the consequences of unholy blood covenant?

Monday: Leviticus 7:26;
Tuesday: 2 Samuel 12:10-12
Wednesday: Genesis 4:8-12
Thursday: Isaiah 49:24-26
Friday: 1 Kings 18:28
Saturday: Leviticus 17:11
Sunday: Hebrews 9:18

13 comments on “Sunday School Lesson 16 – Forbidden Blood Covenants

  1. I entered a blood covenant when I was 15 years old with a friend. It was not romantic. We wanted to be bosom pals.
    We both made a small cut and mixed our blood. It was not meant to be evil.
    I am now 60 years old and am a Christian. What on Earth has it done to my life, my destiny?

    1. Dear Jools. Thank you for the question.. Apologies for late response. The good thing about your question is that it is not related to love or romance relationship. There fore it can be broken by the Blood of Jesus. Am also glad that you are now a Christian, i want to believe that you are born again Christian. So any agreement can be broken by the blood of the Lamb, if you believe. There will be no penalty to be paid. You can break it by yourself or ask your Pastor to do a deliverance prayer session for you. An example 1Sam 18, David and Jonathan were close pals, they did a similar covenant to a degree of their relationship. So this is not a negative covenant. Please speak to your pastor to give you more insight into this.

      I pray for you today that every curse is broken in the name of Jesus.


      1. Hi Ishaku
        There is a negative significant to every oath, one takes as a Christian
        In order to successfully “get out of” a blood contract, first you need to have a superior reason and be determined to come out of it. It is a spiritual contract, that binds you together with the person for life. Except there is a superior power to negate the validity of the contract.
        With or without the important defining reason why you should be absolved, you will need to make a physical sacrifice, by denouncing the oath and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour..
        I believe you made the contract in legitimate error, having a misunderstanding of certain conditions, so it will be an easier out for you, through the Blood of Jesus.
        If the oath is broken that just means that whatever effects were made by the oath will just be renounced.
        The side effects varies, it depends on the weight of the oaths and decree of it at the time.

        1 John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

        Matthew 5:33-37 – Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths:
        I hope this answers a bit of your question.

        Thanks and God bless you

  2. Pls can this prayer destroyed blood covenant, any hope for us, dis blood covenant is very wicked, may God have mercy on me

  3. hi i am a married man my wife and i had a blood covenant that no one should cheat and we want to break it one pastor said it will never help our christian life please can youn help us out

  4. I John 5:8- And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.
    yes it effect destiny Blood covenant is a mystery of power that operate by spirit in the blood. If you make a covenant with Satan, it will be kept in the spirit to hurt your life if it is not broken. It can run for you to your children and to all your future generation.
    Once the blood is polluted, then the totality of your life is polluted. Any wrong thing done to your blood will pollute the whole of your life. Blood covenant mean giving your life to the person and the person giving their life to you through blood and this is kept in the realm of the spirit for future use against you.
    Sexual activities outside of marriage is a faster way and highest form of blood covenant that spirit use to destroy your destiny so it had negative impact on your destiny if is not broken.
    every blood covenant carry spirit and power and it stand to rule over your destiny if it is not broken

  5. Good article. Thank you. It makes me think that all those unsuspecting people in Jesus time, who were constantly involved in sacrificing animals to their “god” or “gods” were sealing themselves to demons. And Christ came down to break those seals. But why on earth would Jesus enter into a blood covenant if it’s a demonic ritual or derived from a demonic ritual (i believe all blood sacrifices are) and why would people continue to symbolically drink his blood and eat his flesh? It seems like this ritual has been taken from the devil’s playbook. You wrote that people can put blood in wine and drink it to bind themselves in such rituals and that this is forbidden in the bible. So why would this ritual be used to symbolize Christs union with his people?

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