MEMORY VERSE: A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.” Psalms 68:5
BIBLE PASSAGE: Genesis 21:8-19
A single parent is a parent without a marriage partner, widowed, separated, deserted, divorced, or never married; one who is alone, in charge of his or her household. Widowhood is the phase of existence of a married man or woman whose spouse is dead. God loves and cares very deeply for the widowed and or single parent. He, therefore, commands us to protect and care for this category of people in our churches and communities Ps.82:3.
The reason for becoming a widow/widower is due to the death of a spouse while that of a single parent differs from one person to another. For some, it is a deliberate desire/preference while situations such as divorce, separation, abandonment, death of a partner/spouse, single-person adoption, unwanted pregnancy, rape, etc. force some others into it. On many occasions, the experiences of both single parents and widows/widowers are quite similar.
God is extremely concerned about single-parents and widows. He is the Father to the fatherless and the Protector of widows Ps.68:5. God does not want them to be afflicted or badly treated. He hears
them when they cry Ex, 22:23, God says anyone who maltreats them may await Hs wrath Ex. 22:22-24. To maltreat could be to neglect abuse or take advantage of them. God wants us to defend 1:17. He sustains and relieves widows Ps.146:9. God makes provisions for them in His law Deut. 10:18; 26:12-13. He preserves the fatherless children and expects widows to trust Him Jer.49:11
Irrespective of the cause, single parents and widows should be treated with love and acceptance within the church c eliminate their sense of isolation. Involve them in a com appropriate for them. Provision of an appropriate support system goes a long way in such as helping with repair projects, giving scholarships for the helping widows and/or single parents live a better life. Sharing children’s education, welfare support, etc. will words of encouragement via text messages, e-mail, or phone call will help them in their responsibility of raising godly children. are
Encourage single parents and the widowed to discover their purpose from God’s viewpoint. Provide an environment for single parents and widows to learn skills that can help them sustain and provide for themselves and their children. Help them through love to develop a close relationship with God who can heal them from wounds, bitterness, and resentment they might be experiencing. Family members are enjoined to take care of them so that they will not suffer This is seen as proof of their commitment to God 1Tim.5:4. Widows and children of single parents should not be abused, stigmatized or enslaved but should be helped Jam.1:27. Finally, Christians should identify with the widow/widowers and single parents in the church by giving them necessary support Gal.6:10.
God’s intention for the church is that it becomes a family of faith, a real community where lives are shared, friendships are formed, and support is given as we journey in faith together.

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