MEMORY VERSE: “Let us choose to us judgment: let us know among ourselves what is good.” – Job 34:4 (KJV)


BIBLE PASSAGE: Genesis 13:8-13 (KJV)

LESSON INTRODUCTION: Simply put, choice is the act of picking between two or more possibilities. The power of choice is the strong will to make a decision in the midst of several options. While it is generally opined that man is a choice being, Scriptures clearly establish that God has given man the power to choose (Josh.24:15). However, we live with the consequences of the choices we make whether good or bad. The onus, therefore, lies on us to make the right choices which in turn determine the course of our lives.




There are several choices we make in life with their attendant consequences. For instance, the choices we make about food and exercise influence our physical health (Prov.25:16). The choices we make about our academic pursuits often affect our careers and occupations. The choices we make in reaction to life’s adversities affect our psychological well-being (Prov.24:10).

Other major choices we make in life include:

  1. The choice of where to live/settle may determine the peace or discomfort, blessings or troubles we will have (Gen.13:8-11; 19:13; 26:1-2, 12-13);
  2. The choice of who we marry will determine the bliss we enjoy or the blows we endure (Prov.18:22; 31:28; Prov.21:19; 1Kgs.11:4).
  3. The choice of the friends we keep will determine how far we go and the quality of life we live (Prov.13:20; 18:24; 2Sam. 13:5; 10-14, 28-29).
  4. The choice we make to be different will determine whether or not we will stand out from the crowd (Dan.1:8, 19; Heb.11:24-26).
  5. The choice we make whether to serve God or not will determine the eternal reward we will get (Josh.24:15; Rev.22:11-12)

CLASS ACTIVITY 1: What can be done to forestall the consequence of a wrong choice that is already made?


Many factors influence the choices we make in life. We need to crave for the right knowledge in order to be well informed (Prov.18:15). Self-control will help guide our choices and prevent us from making irrational decisions (Jam.1:19; 1Sam. 25:10). We must make good plans and be guided by a good vision before we make a choice (Ruth 3:1-4; Prov.16:3, 9). More importantly, prayers will enable us to key into the mind of God (1Sam.30:7-8; Ps.37:5, 23).

Conversely, pride, hypocrisy, doubt and negative thoughts among others, will hinder us from making the right choices (Prov.11:2; Ps.10:4; Isa.32:6; Jam.1:8). We must strive to always have the correct mind frame all the time (Prov.4:23).


CLASS ACTIVITY 2: Students should discuss other factors that influence people’s choices.


CONCLUSION: If we have made a wrong choice in the past, it is time to forgive ourselves and move on with life as we make necessary corrections to avoid any repetition of such.

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