Pastor Tunji Ogedenbe is a qualified accountant (ACCA) Fhsa he was called by God into ministy in 2010

He has skill intreast in Evangelism, football, squash, table-tennis, Business Empowerment, Public Speaking, Networking, Motivational Public Speaking.  He is well known by giving training on Church Mangement and Church growth. He is the CEO of Leadership Success School, which entails training on management, who is a manager, the basic principles of management and financial management.

His wife Yinka is an anointed teacher of the Word, whose great passion is to help challenged women experience the love of Christ and their role as a woman by turning past failures to future success and handling difficult people with compassion.  She was previously the women’s leader (Fountain of Glory) at her former church for 8 years presently she serves side-by-side with her husband in the ministry.

She is also the founder of Virtuous Ladies where she host the Ladies on a monthly basis, empowering them to fully carry out their duties in the body of Christ.

She also has a compassionate and counseling call upon her life reaching out to women of all ages.

Together their commitment and love for the Word of God is evident throughout their teaching and preaching and they continue to train and disciple a multitude of believers through their sermons, discipling and teachings. They both had a sincere passion to serve.

They are blessed with four children.

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